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Thursday, May 4 2006, 07:21AM

Hard Disk Failure.

Well, it seems my premonition was well-placed.

Gentoo has been running very unstable the last four days (constantly crashing and locking up) and I was unable to fix it.
I've tried installing a newer kernel (I was running an older one, I though that might have been the problem), I've tried running fsck and I've looked at every other possible cause to the problem.

Suspecting it was a hard disk issue, I started making backups from the data off the disk which led to the conclusion that it was indeed my hard disk (Windows would constantly crash when trying to copy certain files off the disk).

I've salvaged what there is to save but I (reluctantly) had to leave stuff behind (DVD's and such) due to lack of space on the backup drives.

This has one upside, of course, which is that I am now able to finally switch my main OS.

Installing (or buying) Mac OS X is no option because I feel it's not mature enough on native x86 hardware (besides their intel Mac's) and lack of funds to buy the hardware from Apple itself.
Installing Solaris is out of the question as well (it's a very nice OS, but it should be run on SPARC and isn't qualified to run as my main OS — in my opinion).

Unless I find anything else which intrigues me enough to install it, I may end up installing some *BSD or I may just install Gentoo again (I know, I know, but the thing is; I want to see if it changes much from having had it for two years and installing it freshly).

Either way; I first need to find/buy a new hard disk, until then, I'm stuck with my dual-boot: Windows XP (urgh).


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