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Saturday, January 10 2004, 09:39PM


Well, I kept up coding/tweaking/enhancing my blog.
I added a calendar for god knows what reason (I was bored, heh).
And I added a permalink for each entry, so you can easily link to it, and such.
I'm thinking what to do about the comments, I might decide to not add it at all.
I'll think about it.

I also decided to publish the source of my (this) blog.
You can snatch the latest stable/working sources at:

Anyway, besides my blog, I just watched Warrior Zone on Discovery Channel.
It featured two hours of Chinese and Japanese fighting styles/history.
It was quite interesting and all.
I'm gonna watch Showdown In Little Tokyo later on tonight.
Not sure what to expect from that.

That's it, I guess.


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