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Wednesday, May 17 2006, 12:16PM

Entry 200!

Lenna requested I got off my lazy ass and make another blog entry, so here it is. :P

I promised myself not to make a big deal out of this (as is old custom), but why the hell not?
This entry marks 200! :D

Not to let this entry be consumed by just that, I'll now blog about a couple of things that I didn't (yet) blog about before.

The 10th of May was my mother's birthday which we celebrated on the 13th (a Saturday).
We went to Arnhem to my mom's boyfriend to celebrate it at his house.
We threw a big party, had a lot of guests and it was a lot of fun. :)

I have also decided it's time to change the way I look starting this summer, so to try it out I wore the best clothes I had on a very hot and sunny day (black jeans, white undershirt and a white open shirt).
I'm not trying to be some casanova or anything, I just feel like I've been walking around in baggy and cheap clothes all my life, in other words: time for something new.
(Fun fact to mention: I haven't worn jeans in daily life for years.)

I also (finally) saw the movie The Brown Bunny!
It's a very awesome movie!
At first I was sceptical, but knowing it was a Vincent Gallo movie I wanted to see this very much (I absolutely loved Buffalo '66, the movie which — along with my friend Ed — introduced me to Progressive Rock).
I have to admit, though, that the movie takes forever to build up, but that's not without dissapointment (unlike the crappy movie called 2001: A Space Odyssey which was a complete waste of my time).
The ending is very saddening and makes you think about what exactly happened to the main character.
A very great movie nonetheless and absolutely worth having seen it.

That about covers it, I think..

Oh, right, me and Lenna have a few songs which we want to try and play (I tabbed one of the songs because there was no tab available at the time), more about that some other time. :)

Oh, and also: I'm going to two jazz festivals soon!
One of them is coming next month called Jazz in Duketown (going there together with Lenna). :)
The other is one of the bigger jazz festivals (if not the biggest?) in the Netherlands which is to be held right in my own city (for the very first time ever) called North Sea Jazz Festival, which I'll (probably) be going to with Michel and Mick (so far, maybe Ed will come too).
Both festivals are three-day events, but I'm only going for one day (probably both on a saturday).
Anyway, more info on that soon. :)


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