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Thursday, June 1 2006, 02:52PM


Yesterday-evening I went to SnowWorld with an old friend/instructor of mine (who wishes to remain nameless in my weblog).

We'd been planning to go to SnowWorld for a long time now but it just never really happened.
I contacted him a week ago about being a reference in my CV and I mentioned having never gone there with him (but how I did go on a wintersports vacation to Austria).
He replied to my mail saying he had a few vouchers to go in for free for a certain amount of hours which are able to be used until the end of May.
So after a few e-mails back-and-forth, we decided to go yesterday evening and meet up in Zoetermeer.

It started off perfectly (note the sarcasm), I got on my train and arrived in Gouda where I had to catch another train to Den Haag (Zoetermeer is a stop on the way).
Well, I missed that train and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one to arrive.. and as if that's not bad enough, when it did eventually arrive and I got in, the train was separated with its front-end.
Me being as observant as I am, I noticed when the train drove in that the front said "Arnhem" (which was a complete opposite direction and didn't make any sense, resulting in me just ignoring it completely).
The signs on the station itself clearly indicated the train was going to Den Haag so I was convinced I was getting in the right section of the train that was going in the right direction.
Needless to say, I was wrong. :(

Apparently, the front-end would go to Den Haag en the back end would go back to Rotterdam. :S
So there I was, back in Rotterdam, almost an hour later..

Being as pissed as I was, I called up Anonymous on his phone to let him know I would be there a bit later, explaining what had happened.

Anyway, an hour later I was finally in Zoetermeer where I had to be and we went off to SnowWorld.

It was very awesome, I got to do a lot of things in the two (two and a half) hours that we were there on the (three) in-door slopes.
More specifically, I was training going down fakey (leading with the wrong foot in the front) which made me lose balance a couple of times but I eventually did improved that. :D
I also trained on a few jumps; the only trick in the air I was able to perform from long-last was an indy, but now I did a 180 landing in fakey for the very first time. :D
There was also a very big jump with an air-filled bag behind it, so you could do whatever and still land safely.
I went over that a couple of times but the second time I did and I dropped myself off of the air-filled bag, I slipped and landed on the slope on my tail bone which still hurts me now.
Oh well, it didn't affect most of my remaining boarding time much and I got a lot out of it in the end. :P

In all it was nice to board again and it really was somewhat rewarding (in terms of training).
Maybe I should do this more often (when I have more money :P). :)

Thanks again, Anonymous! :D


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