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Sunday, June 4 2006, 02:05PM

Jazz in Duketown with Lenna!

Yesterday the long-awaited day finally came. :D
I went to Jazz in Duketown together with Lenna! :D:D

I woke up at around 11 AM and left off to catch my train a bit later (my train arrived 12:15 AM) but it had a slight delay resulting in me missing my next train in Utrecht, which made me have to wait 20 minutes for the next train to arrive. :S
Anyway, I got to her train station a bit later as planned and picked her up there (looking as pretty as ever :)) and we headed off for Den Bosch/'s Hertogenbosch.

When we first arrived there we had to navigate our way to where the stages were (we just followed the crowd because we both didn't know the city so well) but we eventually settled in by a stage next to a small church.
We stayed there for a couple of minutes and went off to find more stages where the rest of the bands and events would come at a later time (we also already decided we'd have Pizza for dinner, so we needed to find a Pizzeria in the area :P).

Walking for a while led us to a bigger stage next to a very big church (which was in renovation) where there was a band getting ready to perform (doing soundchecks) so we waited there for them to start at which time the sun finally set in! :D
They started playing and we listened for a while when Lenna suggested seeking some shade under some trees.
having done that, Lenna then whipped out some paper and a pen and just started drawing a random person which stood right in front of us leaning on his bike.
When she was done with her drawing it was very, very well-drawn, a perfect likeness. :o
I showed the drawing to the person and he acknowledged it, but he didn't seem to speak any Dutch. :P
Lenna continued to make three more drawings of random people during the day which were all equally good.
In fact, I though she drew like this a lot at home but it turned out she'd never drawn people in this way before, which absolutely stunned me. :o

I know you're reading this, Lenna, so here's to say: continue drawing the way you did, you're really very talented (really!)!

After a while we went back to the little square alongside the smaller church and stayed there for a while until we were getting hungry.
We had already decided a while back to find a Pizzeria of some sorts, so Lenna went out and asked someone who said there was one nearby.
We sought for it and found it after not even 2 minutes (it was very close by :P).

It was a very nice restaurant which was all decorated and had nice flowers and everything.
We went in asking for a table but it appeared all tables were spoken for (it was that crowded) and we were told we had to wait a couple of minutes.
Time went by (10-15 minutes) and we were finally appointed a table for two on the outside terras where we got ourselves seated and ordered our pizza's.
We had some nice talks about ourselves and such (as things go) and I had a great time with her.
I'm glad we didn't just go to McDonnalds for dinner. :P

After dinner we saw some more bands on various smaller stages and went back to the big square along the big church where there was a sort of Latin music being played.
We stayed only a short while but we danced there for the first time that day which was very nice (it showed we both finally loosened up considerably).

Eventually, we ended up on another very huge square (which earlier that day was still a market place) which was filled with people!
We hung around there listening to the music and having fun, talking, etc, really loosened up and relaxed and we even got some cotton candy. :P
Whilst eating the cotton candy, though, Lenna suddenly realised we lost track of time!
She checked her watch and realised we only had 20 minutes to get back to the train station to catch our train!
While running back to the train station we came across a booth where people were selling small light-flashing "Jazz in Duketown" coat pins, so I quickly bought two so we had some sort of a souvenir to remember the day by. :)
We ran towards the train station and we (thankfully) managed to catch our train. :P

Her boyfriend picked her up at her train station so she didn't have to go home alone in the dark and I was able to meet the guy.
In the few minutes I spoke with him I concluded that he's a cool guy, seems nice in all and he's a lucky guy to have such a wonderful girlfriend.

Anyway, In short: we had a very great time together and saw some cool bands play good songs (and saw some lesser well-performed acts) and in all it was a very awesome day. :)
And in a way (and I am just realising this now), this has been (sort of) my first date. :o :D


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