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Monday, June 26 2006, 08:42AM

Miscellaneous tidbits.

So, much time has gone by since my last entry.
This entry is just to say that I haven't died or anything. :P

I've been busy with school a lot lately, I'm in my final week (if everything works out okay) and I need to finish some unfinished projects (just need to hand them in at this point).

In other news: I've decided to pick up where I left off at Nintendo DS development!
I left off around the time where PAlib was still in its infancy, but it has matured so much it's replaced ndslib/libnds completely.
Therefore, I've used the PAlib Wiki to help me set up a base system on which to start developing.
I've got nothing to show so far, been messing with it a bit, learning up on the library (pretty solid library, too).
I'm kind-of working on a little something, though, but it's really nothing yet.

Also, I've come to terms with my shortcomings in C and I've decided that I need to brush up on type definitions and pointers before I can really start doing anything useful.
I've found a tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C which I think might be able to help me out a bit.

I'm also finally going to get an M3 Adapter next month!
I already downloaded tons of Nintendo DS roms (462 to be exact) which I'll be able to play then. :D
(I know, I know; piracy, unsupportive, etc., etc.)

Then there's the North Sea Jazz festival coming up next month which I'll be attending together with Mick which I'm really looking forward to. :)

And another thing I'm really looking forward to, which is just two weeks off from now, is when Lenna is coming over to visit me. :D
On July the 7th it'll be exactly one year since we've known each other and she agreed to come over on the 9th of July in celebration of it (which is on a Sunday — reason for that is that my mom usually makes pizza on Sundays and she likes pizza :):P).
But anyway, it'll hopefully be a fun day for both of us; we'll see how it turns out. :)

And that about covers it for now. :P


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