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Sunday, July 9 2006, 07:35PM

Lenna! Oh and Italy in World Cup finals!

Today, Lenna (different photo! :D) came to visit me! :D
The reason for the visit is that on the 7th of July it would be exactly one year since we've known eachother!
Of course.. today is the 9th of July.. so what gives?  Well.. to make it short: I screwed up on the day that the 7th would fall on and said it was on a Sunday after which I to got her excited because Sunday is the day we eat pizza for dinner. :o
After finding out that in fact the 7th falls on a Friday, we decided to just let the day stick and celebrate 2 days later. :P

So anyway, the day started off very nicely by Lenna waking me up by phone at around 9:30 AM (I like it when she wakes me like that; it's a sure-fire way to give the day a positive boost :P:)) to tell me that she was just about to leave her place and would be at the train station Rotterdam Alexander (nearest train station to my home) at 10:45 AM and also told me she'd replied to the e-mail I sent her the evening before.
After she hung up I quickly started my computer to read it and did so with a smile on my face. :)

I then went to pick her up from the train station at 10:25 AM and got to the train station just as she arrived there.
We then went back to my home where we had something to drink and went up to my room (after giving a very speedy tour of the rest of the house) where we then decided to watch the movie Saw.
I've seen the movie before but she hadn't (she had seen Saw 2, though.. which is one of the reasons why we decided on Saw).
Eventually we ended up watching the entire movie although we missed a lot because we kept talking and having fun and stuff. :P

After the movie we decided to catch some air and go outside, so we went for a walk around the area of my house and went to give my friend Michel a visit.
Arriving at Michel's place, we noticed that he wasn't at home. :S
We then headed for a fast food place to get some grub (well, for her anyway; I wasn't hungry :P) and some cigarette's (again, for her; I don't smoke :P).
After she had eaten something we headed back home (past Michel's place again to see if he'd already returned; he still hadn't).

When we came home, my mom had already arrived so my mom and Lenna got introduced and talked for a short while and we went back to my room again.
I showed her my Nintendo DS and let her play some Mario Kart DS, Mario DS (the mini games) and eventually also Nintendogs (which my little brother bought a long time ago).
Pictochat was fun as well; we got to create some hilarious "comic strips" sort-of thingies and got to say some things that were easier said through it than in real life. :P
She really liked playing on it and was already hinting on buying one for herself (actually.. she wanted to steal mine :P). :)

Then my older brother came in from his place with his girlfriend and their two dogs.
Lenna got introduced to them as well and with that, it was already dinner time (MAN time flies when you're having a real good time). :o

So we ate a quick appetizer and then it was on for.. Pizza! :D
It was a very nice and sociable dinner, we all had a good time. :)

After that we went up to my room again for the remaining hour and she fiddled with my Nintendo DS again until it was time for her to go (at 7 PM). :(
I dropped her off at the train station where we had to run for her to be able to catch her train, and just like that she was off on her way home.

The only thing I regret is that I really had my heart set on something and I couldn't get myself to bring it across (didn't find the right time and eventually didn't have enough of it..) but oh well, maybe next time? :P

I really had a good time with her, I love talking to her and being with her, I like teasing her just to see her reaction (is that evil? :P), I like watching her as she plays on my Nintendo DS (:P) and a lot more I just can't say in my weblog. :P
I'm really looking forward to next time we meet. :D

Oh, right, Lenna wasn't the only highlight of the day (although, admittedly, the biggest). :o
Italy placed itself for the Fifa World Cup finals a few days ago and had the finals today against France! :D
After dropping off Lenna, I went to visit my brother to watch it with his girlfriend and his neighbours at their neighbours place.
I'm not going to write a lot more about it, Italy won the finals and is World Cup champion!
It was an exciting match, the referee (as most games in this World Cup) sucked for giving a false penalty (like italy received against Australia), a gigantic foul was made by Zidane and Italy won in the end after penalty kicks with 5 to 3.

Of course I am very happy for Italy, but my mind is still clouded by the thought of Lenna and how today went (in a positive sense, of course :P). :)
And with that, I end this weblog entry (I hope I didn't forget anything :P). :)


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