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Monday, July 17 2006, 08:45PM

North Sea Jazz festival!

It's been a busy day yesterday which prevented me from writing this entry, the reason for that is that relatives from Italy came over here for their vacation (my aunt and my neice) and I had to go and pick them up fom the airport with my brother (their luggage didn't arrive due to some mix-up and it's due to arrive tomorrow).
The airport was cool and stuff, though, so it's not anything negative, I just didn't have much time to write this. :P

Also, I'm going to Arnhem tomorrow with my mom and my little brother and we're staying there for the week.
It's going to be a bit of a busy week, too, but more on that when I get back.

Anyway, to get back on the topic, the night before yesterday (Saturday evening) I went to the anual (from now on housed permanently in Rotterdam for the very first time ever) North Sea Jazz festival. :D
I went there together with Mick, and we had a reasonably good time there.
The only thing we didn't like was the huge crowd and the heat. :P
But aside from that it was really cool, lots of cool bands.

We went in not really knowing what we wanted to see (aside from John Scofield, which my dad recommended) and the first thing we went to see was the Delfeayo Marsalis Quintet, which was quite good.
We then went to see what else was playing in other rooms so we went to see Sergio Mendez (which sounded familiar by name) which turned out to be utter crap (we left within minutes) and then we went to see some other pop singer which I didn't really like that well.

We then went for some air and food because we were getting kind-of hungry.

After the snacks (I ate some pancakes and some icecream afterwards) we went on to the long-awaited Trio Beyond (consisting of John Scofield, Jack DeJohnette and Larry Goldings) which was really populair (the room was filled and the heat was near unbearable).
They played really good music, I especially liked the last song they played which was really expirimental and psychedelic (with the Fender Roads and the clean guitar tints which reminded me of early Pink Floyd songs).
After that performance we stayed in that room to see the Kenny Garrett Quartet which were also really good, really swinging and really awesome, I liked them a lot.

Then at around 2:30 AM (I think) we left to head back home.

So in all, it was a very cool (and at the same time, at 70 Euro's, a very expensive) night, which is up for do-overs next year. :)
Maybe Michel has the money to come then, too. :P
And maybe Ed.. but who knows, Ed keeps busy with his work and girlfriend and such.. I miss that old fucker. :(
Anyway, yeah.. next year. :)


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