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Friday, July 28 2006, 07:02AM

Extreme Makeover By Lenna!

Lenna and I got together yesterday morning in Utrecht for her to kind-of have an overhaul at my appearance (as far as clothing and my hair are concerned).
The following image shows the end result:

My new look as of yesterday.
This is my new look as of yesterday.

We originally planned to first go to her place to watch the movie Requiem For A Dream (which I have never seen) and afterwards we'd head off for Utrecht, but things didn't turned out as planned because she'd returned the movie to a friend of hers who she lent it from.
Therefore we decided to just meet up in Utrecht and go to her place afterwards to meet her friends and go swimming in De Put (small place to swim at near where she lives).

So we met up and went into some stores to go and check out some jeans and shirts and such, we ate a bit at McDonald's and continued shopping.
I eventually bought one jean, two black shirts (I have plenty of white shirts) and a black t-shirt.

After having bought the clothes (I wore them immediately after purchasing them; Lenna made me :( :P Nahh, I wanted to wear them. :P :)) we went to a barber/hair stylist and had my hair fixed.
He basically thinned out my hair a bit, trimmed it in a few places and afterwards styled it with Fudge hair shaper.
I bought one of those Fudge hair shaper for 15 Euros (DAMN that's expensive, by the way..) so I can do it myself.
We forgot to make any pictures yesterday (same as last time :S) but I was able to make the above image today, thanks to Ed.

Anyway, after having been fixed up we went back to her place and after not-too-long set off to meet up with her friends who were already at De Put.

Those guys were really cool and lay back and De Put looked an awesome place to hang out and enjoy yourself.
We basically just hung out a while there, talking relaxing and such (they started a fire and made a barbecue which they do more often).
Lenna gave me a quick tour of the surroundings but I never did go swimming (didn't really feel like it), but it was cool nonetheless. :)
Maybe next time I'm there I'll go swimming. :D

We left after some time to go back to Lenna's place for dinner where we were going to eat pizza. :D
We were both really tired from our day so we were kinda fatigued and falling half asleep while waiting for the pizza to finish. :P

After dinner we didn't do much else then go on the computer for a short while and watching some TV.
She had planned to go back to De Put later on, so at around 8 PM (I think it was) we decided for me to leave.

We drove to the train station by bike and not all-too-long after arriving there, there was a train arriving to take me home.

Now, in one of my previous entries I was saying that there was one thing I regretted that I really had my heart set on at the time and I couldn't get myself to bring it across (didn't find the right time and eventually didn't have enough of it).
Well, I finally got it together to asking her for something I've been wanting to ask for so long; a hug.
As I expected (and hoped) it wasn't all that embarrassing and weird and she was happy to indulge.
So we had a nice and lengthy hug. :)

After that I had to hurry to catch my train, and I was off. :P

Anyway, as far as shopping goes, I've gotten to know a few things I previously didn't (with regard to buying clothes), so this has effectively made it easier for me to go out and buy clothes like any man would.
Thanks, Lenna. :)


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