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Wednesday, August 16 2006, 01:36PM

Back to programming!

To keep myself busy (that is, focussing on things other than Lenna — not that I have any hatred or anything against her, it's just that I need to process some things and it was hard to swallow the first couple of days) I've been keeping myself busy with programming again.

From itty bitty little shitty things like XHTML semantically correct menu's and an SMS archive (in Dutch) completely in XML and XSLT (using Javascript to read out the XML nodes and structure it using the DOM into an XHTML formatted page) to the things I've been planning to do since the start of my vacation, which is to brush up on type definitions and pointers in C (using a tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C).

So far, I've come to Chapter 5: Pointers and Structures and among the things I've learned so far is what exactly pointers are, how they relate to arrays and how they work.
What's made this even more fun is that I've also learned to use the GNU Debugger (GDB) to watch the program as it goes through its execution, following a tip in Chapter 3.

It's fun to be this active in programming again. :)

Also, I'm going to Nick's birthday party next Saturday which should be fun (especially since Ralf is also joining us in the evening as we go out). :P
And the day after is Michel's birthday, and I'm not really sure yet but we may be going to this year's Monaco Aan De Maas in the city.
Oh and also, of course, my own birthday is coming up on September 5th! :D
And the day after is Lenna's birthday. :o
So many birthdays in such short time. :P

Anyway, that's it as far as this entry goes. :)


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