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I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.Linus Torvalds (announcing Linux — 1991)
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Thursday, August 17 2006, 04:07PM

Domain name!

I registered agilo.nl!
I really wanted agilo.com but unfortunately (as everything good in life) it was already taken (by the same owner of agilo.de — a german on-line pet store, of all things).
I mailed him a looooong time ago if I would be able to take over agilo.com, but he wanted to keep it in case he might do something with it (nowadays it's just a mirror to agilo.de).
And then there is .net and .org which are both taken.

I don't get it, what kind of bastard uses my nickname, comprised of the letters in my name, as a name for a product or project? :S
Oh well, I guess I should be realistic and accept it for what it is, but still; it irks me.

Maybe some day I will own agilo.com.. some day. :P

Anyway, for now it's just going to redirect to agilo.acjs.net, but in the future it will be a domain of its own (meaning I will use a hoster instead of ACJ's webspace), that is.. when I have the money. :P
Not that I don't want ACJ's webspace, it's just for the best for both of us I think.


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