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Sunday, August 20 2006, 09:05PM

Happy Birthday, Nick and Michel!

Yesterday was Nick's birthday party even though his birthday (like Michel's) is actually today.
Nick celebrated his birthday at his place where eight or nine friends gathered (including two old classmates: Patrick and Ralph).
There was music, drinks, good conversations and such and, in all, it was a nice and sociable event.

We (all of us except one guy who had to get up at 7 AM the next day for work) decided, around 11 PM, to go out to Hollywood Music Hall (where we also spent Nick's previous birthday party).

Nick and Gina (who also — presumably recently — had her birthday) had birthday tickets to Hollywood with which we could get in without waiting in line and also receive a complimentary bottle of champagne (which they didn't get for some reason).
But that didn't matter, though, the important thing, really, was that we didn't have to wait in line to get in.

Once in, it took me a really long time to get in the mood (I don't know why, as I was psyched to go in the first place, but I didn't feel comfortable when I just got in.. it was weird).
Eventually I did get in the mood, though (at around 1:30 AM or something) and I started to really let loose (I don't even think alcohol took much part in that either).

Anyway, it was great having Ralph with us, we had a real good time with him (he's quite the party animal :P).

We decided to leave for home at 5:30 AM and surprisingly, I didn't even really feel like leaving yet (I was tired, surely, but still in the mood for dancing).
But it was okay, we had fun and we were all tired from all the dancing (I've never danced for such a consistent amount of time without taking many rests, and I've never left Hollywood so late in the eveningmorning :o).

I eventually got home at around 6:15 AM, took a long shower and went to sleep around 7 AM.
I woke up at around 4 PM. :x

Which leads me to Michel's birthday: we had originally planned to go to Monaco Aan De MaasBavaria City Racing, but because I got up so late (and mostly just because of the weather) we had both (individually) decided not to go at all.
But that's okay, we'll do something some day to celebrate his birthday (maybe together with mine which is in two weeks time on September 5th). :)


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