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Sunday, August 27 2006, 06:49PM

Gone out with my younger brother!

Because Emanuele (my younger brother — age 16) finished his school, he received 2 free entry VIP tickets to Hollywood Music Hall which were going to expire September 1st, therefore we decided to go there yesterday.

Emanuele's never gone out to a dance club (besides one which was organised by school itself — thus lame and boring), so this was kind-of his first time.

Each ticket enables the ticket holder to bring up to 4 friends and also grant a complimentary bottle of champagne.
The only catch, however, is that you have to be in before 11 PM, so me and Emanuele decided to head off at 10 PM to get there in time.

At first I didn't really want to go because I've contracted a terrible cold (pain everywhere, coughing a lot, really worn out and tired easily, dripping nose — the classic symptoms of the common cold).
A few days ago, in fact, I had the worst night of my entire life!
I went to bed at around 12 AM and at first didn't fall asleep until 5 AM, then when I finally fell asleep it was as if I woke up every 5 minutes (completely covered in sweat) and I kept moving around trying to get back to sleep.
I even got up three times that night to get something to drink because I felt dehydrated.
The next day, I woke up at 10:30 AM and decided to get up because I wasn't going to get much sleep anyway and for the rest of the day I was totally exhausted and worn out feeling very weak.

Anyway, that was a few days ago and since I've been really trying to get better as fast as I can by doing everything I could think of (pills for coughing, 3-to-4 paracetamol's a day, eating good solid foods, going to bed on time and overall just taking it easy), which helped a lot.
I was still sick, but I felt better and I felt I was able to go out and be active on the dance floor and such, so I decided to go anyway despite my sickness.

So we left and I also met up with Ralf on the way, so he could also come in with us for free.

Arriving at Hollywood, we were expecting to get in with relative ease and without having to wait at all (like the week before when we also had VIP tickets for Nick's and Gina's birthday), but this time we found a line that was just as long as the regular line!
It seems we weren't the only ones that waited until one of the last days to use our tickets. :P
Fortunately, everyone in that "VIP" line got in relatively fast (faster than the normal line would have taken us).

Once we were in, we did what we always did; hang up our jackets and get some coins.
The first (of 7) halls we went into was the hardcore/hardstyle halls, which were near empty. :P
because of that we decided to go back to the main hall and wait it out there for a while.

While dancing, for the first time ever, I noticed a normal girl (meaning: not the general Hollywood slut you come across way too often).
So I moved away from where we were dancing to get a bit nearer to her but when I got there she was gone (and I didn't see her anymore throughout the night), which was a bummer but oh well.

After a while we met up with Nick and his friend (same guy who came with us last time — I still don't know his name) who had planned to come there as well.
After that, the five of us went back in for some more dancing and drinking and such (as things go :P).

What was also cool was that they were filming for a music TV channel (TMF), so there were camera's going back and forth.
They also handed out some lights (simple LED's encased in some thicker plastic) so we could all create a certain type of atmosphere by dimming the main lights and we all lighted up our little lights while dancing.
The fun thing was that the girl handing out those lights didn't really notice us (as we were up a bit higher than the main floor area) so I waved near her face to get attention and I got two hands full of lights.
I then took two myself, gave two to Emanuele and shared the rest of the lights with random people who were near us on the elevated dance floor. :P

Anyway, we did a lot of dancing in most of the halls (including the après-ski hall :P).

After a while I was getting really tired from the dancing (because of my sickness) and I really felt the need to sit down a while and have a drink (because my throat was getting dry).
So I told Ralf I was going to get a drink (I wasn't able to tell Emanuele because he was on a stage dancing, but that didn't really matter; I'd only be gone a short while).
I sat down at the bar and I got myself some water which did me some good.
It was at that time that the girl next to me addressed me.
We spoke for a while (her name was Marianne, I later found out) when Ralf came out of nowhere to get himself a drink too. :P
Anyway, she was alright and such, but I didn't want anything else from her or anything (I don't really know why, she just didn't feel right I guess) so I left to get back to the rest of the group.

Having said about this to two friends of mine they tell me (in their way) I was stupid and should have gotten more out of it, and maybe I should have, but I don't really think she was my type anyway (she was really passionate about hardcore/hardstyle and went out three times a week — Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays — to dance to it, saying it meant the world to her) and like I said, it didn't really feel right in a way.

Anyway, to get back to the story, the rest is pretty straight forward, we danced some more and drank a lot.
Emanuele eventually got a inch away from being quite drunk (which was getting notable by the way he was dancing and behaving), but that's alright. :P
I let him drink what he wanted, I was there to guide and supervise him anyway (I myself didn't drink that much, so I was well able to do so).

We eventually left at 5 AM, to get back home at around 6 AM.

In all, it has been a very good and enjoyable experience for him, he liked it and who knows, maybe next time we can go out again. :)


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