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Tuesday, September 5 2006, 04:32PM

Happy birthday, me!

Today, September 5th, 2006, it's been exactly 20 (yes, twenty!) years since I was born!
Happy birthday, me!! :D

As for my first birthday present of the day, I got money from my mom (and her friend) to spend on clothes and such. :P

At school, Ralf got me two DVD's: the latest Dream Theater DVD called Score (which he is lending to me) and a DVD by Mike Oldfield called Tubular Bells II; Premiere Live Performance Edinburgh. :D

In fact, I've just seen Score (the Dream Theater DVD) and when they started playing Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence it totally blew me away!
The use of a full orchestra, the atmosphere, the music itself, the people's reaction.. absolutely amazing!
I got goosebumps and shivers all over, it really had a big impact on me.
I'm not new to the Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence album, but seeing my most favourite of all Dream Theater albums being played (granted, just the second CD of the double-CD album, but still) really is a big thing for me! :D

Thanks again, Ralf!

Then in the evening, my brother (who lives on his own with his girlfriend) came to our house with his girlfriend to have dinner with us, which was also cool.
He told me he has threefour DVD's of Columbo episodes lying for me which I'll soon get as a birthday present. :D

And to finish off the day, later in the evening my dad called to congratulate me. :D
I also spoke with my grandfather and grandmother (who live there with my dad) and my uncle and aunt (who are there on vacation). :)

I also got tons of "Happy birthday!" greets from other people, which was nice. :)
Thanks again everyone! (See you next year! :P)

Oh, also, since Lenna's (16th) birthday is tomorrow (even though it's early to be saying this already): Happy Birthday, Lenna! :D

And that about wraps it up for this entry. :P


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