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Saturday, September 16 2006, 06:14PM


Two nights ago (September 14th, 2006 — for the record), I installed OpenBSD 3.9 on a 40 GB hard disk I had lying around!

Since my last hard disk broke I've been stuck with Windows XP Professional and it's been irritating the heck out of me.
Because of that I decided to just bite the bullet and install something new and fresh, something I've never tried before; OpenBSD.

I wanted to wait with installing anything until I got myself a new hard disk (a bigger one, around 300 GB or such), but since time progressed I realised that wasn't going to happen soon, put two and two together; OpenBSD. :P

The install was pretty straight-forward, the only thing which I didn't know anything about was "disklabel", but since I've gone through the installation (in VMWare, with an install guide) before actually installing it on my hard disk, I was well prepared.

At first I was a bit sketchy because I know my onBoard gigabit NIC has been a problem with Linux (well, it was two years ago), so I wasn't too sure if the install CD would pick up on it (if it didn't then I would be unable to install it because the install files are retrieved from the internet; they're not on the CD — I'm talking about cd39.iso).
But to my biggest amazement; it detected it and I was able to make a successful connection to the internet!
Not only that, but it also detected my onBoard soundcard without any hassle whatsoever (using ALSA, in Linux, I usually need to fiddle with the settings a bit to get any sound at all)!

After the install it took me a while to get some things straightened out and configured, but everything is really feeling homey now. :)
The only thing which is lacking is proper NVidia support (there is none).
However, everything flows reasonably smooth and there are no real complaints (yet :P). :)

I even got to mount my other partitions (VFAT, EXT3 and NTFS) without any hassle and again OpenBSD surprises me with the fact it can not only read from VFAT and EXT3 partitions, but also write to them (reason for that is my experience with Solaris in which, at the time, I couldn't even read other partitions and Linux also couldn't read its partition)!

I still have some things to fix (keybindings in my terminals is one major annoyance at the moment and I also hate the fact CenterICQ refuses to run), but there's still plenty of time for that. :P

More soon, including a screenshot :P (oh right: I'm running Enlightenment again, as usual :D)!


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