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Saturday, October 7 2006, 04:24PM

OpenBSD screenshot and good-bye.

First off, the screenshot itself (which I took some time ago but never got around to post):

Screenshot of OpenBSD.
This screenshot shows OpenBSD running my favourite window manager: Enlightenment.

Then some other news: I'm saying good-bye to OpenBSD.
Why?, you may ask, well let me first explain why I installed it in the first place.

My main reason for installing OpenBSD was to try it out and experience it.
See how it works, what it feels like, if I liked the environment, etc.
Ultimately, I wanted to know if it was a good OS to run as a desktop OS.

I've been using it for three weeks now and I've gained some pretty decent knowledge of how it works and how to interact with it; I've become somewhat proficient in using it.

However, now that I've started feeling at home, I wanted to set everything up properly to be used as a desktop.
So the first thing I wanted to tackle was one very important item to me; getting TVout to work with my videocard.

Now I haven't set-up the X config file myself, to this point, because the automatically generated configuration file worked perfectly (1600x1200, 24 million colors at 75 HZ) but I did know it used the NV driver because NVidia wasn't supported.
I knew this (NVidia only has a binary blob driver and since OpenBSD is firmly against blobs, well.. put two and two together and you'll come to the same conclusion I have) but I still tried to set up TVout anyway.
Well, I learned the hard way that NV can't do TVout (twinview).

This is the one thing that is making me leave OpenBSD, a simple thing as that.

I know this may sound harsh to people but I really demand to have it in a desktop OS.
I watch a lot of movies, music videos and DVD's through my PC and I watch them on my TV (which is a good 2-2.5 meters away from my TV).

Now this isn't that big of a deal, in the end, because FreeBSD isn't so strict on security and does have a working NVidia driver, so the obvious step here is just to move from one BSD to the other.

Remember; this is still an expirimental stage in my quest for the perfect desktop OS and if all else fails; I'll definitely go back to Gentoo. :)


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