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Tuesday, October 17 2006, 05:35PM

Beaten Ed to death in Tetris DS.

I wanted to make a very short entry on how I managed to defeat Ed in rounds of Tetris DS (Push mode) a few days ago.
The final score (before he had to go for some unexplainable reason) was 61-0 (in my favour, obviously)!!! :o :D :P
Not only that, but the rounds really lasted (respectfully — in Ed's favour) long. :o

We played for over 3 hours and damn this game is addictive with two players. :x
Since then we've played many times (even scheduled meetings after work/school) and Ed has gained skills and actually managed to win some rounds, but I still win the majority of them. :D

Ed now also ordered the M3 Adapter to play games on his Nintendo DS and it is due any day now, so we'll see if he practices enough to take me on again. :D


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