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Friday, October 27 2006, 03:09PM

I bought a Flute!

Exactly three days ago on the 24th of October, I bought a Flute (also known as a Concert Flute or in Dutch: een Dwarsfluit)!

I've never played any woodwind instruments so this is completely new to me.
When I just had it I put it together without knowing how to properly assemble it and I tried to play it, unsuccessfully.
So I sought for a little beginners how-to on the internet and found one (in Dutch) teaching the basics on how to use your lips/mouth to blow air into the instrument (also known as embouchure) and it also has a fingering chart to teach how to play basic tones.

After having read through the little how-to, I managed to play my very first tone; a C!
However, after I played it, I came to the discovery that it didn't sound anything like a C.
So I grabbed my keyboard and compared the notes and found I was actually playing a Dis!
I have no idea if that's the way I play it or if it's off-key, but luckily I have a teacher at school who has been playing woodwind instruments for 20 years (also repairing), so I am going to ask him soon.

Untill then, I'll keep playing and have been doing so for the last few days.
I'm now actually playing very small riffs, so I am making progress (although I find it very hard :P). :)

My only fear is that when my flute is tuned, I'll have to re-learn what I've learned so far.. but oh well, that doesn't matter too much: at least I'll have learned to actually play on it. :P


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