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Wednesday, November 22 2006, 04:42PM

Rock Academy and Children of Men.

Saturday, me Ed and Michel went to Tilburg to visit an open house for the Rock Academy there (an education Ed wants to attend).
It was pretty interesting and there were definitely some really talented people there.

I've also been thinking of doing an education in music but I don't want it to be rock-orientated.
I'm still uncertain but it will either be in Jazz or in Classical, time will tell.
First, though, I'm going to do Application Development for the next four years. :)

When the open house ended, we went into the city for a short while to check out some stores and have dinner.
Also fun to mention this: while we were eating at a McDonnalds, I made use of its wireless access point to make a connection through SSH (using DSLinux on my Nintendo DS) to my computer (running FreeBSD) at home. :D
Not real groundbreaking or anything, but I've not done this before and it's fun to be able to do anything remote from so far though my Nintendo DS! :)

After dinner we went back to the car to go home.
On our way home, we decided (on the road) to go to Antwerp (yes, in Belgium) to a movie theater which was supposedly real luxurious.

After quite some hassle in the city of Antwerp, we finally found the movie theater we had set off to go to (Metropolis, it's called) and we saw the movie Children of Men, which was really a very awesome movie!
The music in it was really great, too; it featured songs by Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Sigur Ros and more notably (to me, anyway) King Crimson with the song The Court Of The Crimson King. :D:D


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