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Saturday, December 30 2006, 05:33PM

Gwen's Meeting!

Since I've been a (not-so-active) member (on Ralph's suggestion, who is a long-time member) of the profile site JM2 (I will refrain from linking and naming it in full because of conflicts with the site's staff) I've come to know some people (some better than others).
One of them who I talked to most was Gwen.

I got to know Gwen pretty well and thought she was very interesting and above all; very sweet, so I added her on MSN to continue talking to her without the need of JM2.
She turned out to have a very great taste and appreciation in good music (her parents both having a very extensive collection of CD's — around 1800 of them; almost, if not all legally bought) and also knowing how to play a variety of instruments (guitar, drums and some sax).
I had gotten to know her pretty well, so well that it had gotten to the point where I really started to like her very much (and she let me know on several occasions that she also liked me a lot).

Ever since, I had really wanted to meet her and had planned to do so on the day of the Gameplay, but due to circumstances that didn't work out for her so we didn't meet up at all.
However, she did let me know that she was planning a meeting for certain people she knew from JM2 and invited me to come as well.

That day finally came yesterday when I went to her meeting together with Ralph!

Me and Ralph met in the train to Utrecht central station and arrived there at the time we were supposed to meet (exactly 11 AM).
We met up with Gwen, Danny, Roy and Sietse, talked for a short while whilst waiting if someone else might show and at 11:25 AM we decided we'd waited long enough so we left (by bus) to Gwen's house. :)

Arriving there I immediately noticed the huge CD storage closet in the hallway and gazed on all the CD's in it.
I know LOTS of bands in that collection and it is so nice to see other people with such good taste music. :D

We had a very fun time there which, for Ralph at least, got cut short with him having to leave somewhat early in the day (around 3 PM, I think) due to work.
After he left, the rest of us went to Gwen's room and stayed there for the rest of the evening (we also ate there — Gwen's mom got everyone some fast food :P).
It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and they're a great bunch of people to hang out with. :)

I also loved being around Gwen, she's so nice and cute; I loved being together with and close to her and she very much liked the exact same thing at the same time, which resulted in some very awesome (and somewhat discrete) moments together (even while being surrounded by others :P). :)
Needless to say, we didn't pay all-too-much attention to the rest of the group at some moments but that was alright, I think they understood what was going on. :P :)

In the end, I hated having to leave so soon (It was only just around 10:30 PM), I was prepared to stay until much later (if allowed) but alas. :P
Oh well, I can't wait to see Gwen again (hopefully very, very soon)! :D

Also, on a more personal note in case Roy reads this (which I'm sure he might): I hope you don't hate me too much and I'm sorry for the way it ended up for you, I know how it feels to be in your shoes (really, you have no idea — I know exactly how it is and what it's like).
All I can say is that I hope this won't get you down too much and it all works out for you eventually (it might take some time but I'm sure you'll get over it). :)
(I really don't want this to sound like pity, I don't mean it as such.)

Oh, and the words of the day (I just have to mention these :P): vet cool! :D


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