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Wednesday, January 3 2007, 06:09PM

Gwen; my first kiss, my first love.

Yesterday (January 2nd, 2007 — for the record), I met Gwen again at her house, only this time there was no one around; just us two. :)

The day started for me getting up at 9 AM so I was up early enough to catch the train to Utrecht Central Station at 10:11 AM (which I managed to catch — I listened to Time And A Word, an album by Yes, for the entire trip to her house).
I arrived in Utrecht at around 10:45 AM where I caught a bus to Gwen's house, finally arriving there at around 11:20 AM.

I was let in by Gwen who came to answer the door looking as pretty as ever. :)
We then went to her room and spent time talking to eachother, chatting with people from JM2, doing some of the things we did last Friday and just basically having fun until finally, it got to a point when we both sat on her bed.

She was looking so incredibly beautiful, I just couldn't resist myself anymore so I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.
I told her there was something I had been meaning to say to her for a long time (which I've rehearsed so many times in my dreams and have wanted to say for such a long time).
It took me a while to say it but I was determined to finally say to her to let her know just how strong my feelings for her are, so I started to caressed her face around her cheek and I finally said to her the words: Ik hou van je, Gwen (I love you, Gwen).
After that, we hugged (with a pillow in the way :P) for a while and I continued to give her soft kisses on her cheeks and on her forehead.

After a long while she got up because she said she was about to fall asleep. :P
She then went to check up on her computer for a while where lots of people were continuously talking to her. :P

Then, when things calmed down again, I asked her to come to me again to hug and lie next to me.
She said she thought she was going to fall asleep again but I said it didn't really matter much so she then got in my arms and we hugged so nice and firmly and I continued to kiss (again on cheeks and forehead) and hold her.
She even fell asleep in my arms, so I took off my glasses and I rubbed my head softly against hers, touching her with my lips and nose and kissing her on her forehead.
I also kept saying things to her, of which I'm not sure she could even still hear. :P

After a very long while, she woke up again and it was around that point we were called by her grandmother for lunch.
I ate peanut butter for the first time in a very long time. :P

Anyway, after lunch we went back to her room again and (for a while) just continued what we had been doing before all the hugging and kissing (note: up to this point it was all only on her cheeks and forehead).
I also took over for a second to talk to Ed, so I sat in her chair and she was sitting on her bed.
Of course, I wasn't that actively chatting with Ed; I kept looking at Gwen wanting what we've been doing before lunch.

After a while I got up and walked up to her bed and as she lied down on her back I was overcome with emotions and I crawled up on top of her (on one side) and kissed her forehead again.
She then covered her face, playfully, so I started to move away her hands from her face and as I was doing so, I asked her if it would be alright if I kissed her on her lips, to which she replied that it was alright; I then kissed her on her sweet, soft and delicious lips with all the love I had to give, again and again and again and again in a variety of ways (long, short, on various sides of her lips, trying to hold her lips, tilting my head to the right, licking her lip while holding it with mine, etc.), I never wanted to stop.
I then got so loaded up with emotions I kissed the side of her mouth, then her cheek and then I just dropped my head on her chest, holding her and I even gave a kiss on her chest.
I held her for a while and went back to her face to kiss her again and then we just hugged again.

After a while, she got up again to check what people were saying on her computer, she gave a sort-of reaction so I asked her what it was?; she told me to check for myself, so I did, and by a stroke of sheer (and certainly humorous) coincidence it was Ed saying that we should stop kissing. XD

We also made a couple of pictures with her camera but I won't publish them all.

Picture of me kissing Gwen on the cheek.
This is a picture of me giving Gwen a kiss on her soft cheek.

We hugged and kissed a lot more that evening and I also stayed for dinner (had a pretty good meal). :D
In the night we shot some more pictures of ourselves and eachother and also had a lot of fun. :)

Right before I left I asked her to come lie with me again, pulling her away from her computer (:P), so she came to me as Iay on her bed, dropped herself on me and we then hugged eachother and I got to kiss her on her sweet lips again.
At that point it was time to leave (had to catch a bus), so and I left her house (with two kisses to remind me of her) at 10:50 PM.

I finally got back home at 12:30 PM (had to wait 15 minutes for the bus, 20 minutes for the train and 5 minutes for the subway :S) but it didn't matter, I will remember this day and its happenings for the rest of my entire life. :)

I probably didn't tell everything and I'm sure I messed up on some of the timing (I'm not too certain anymore, I was too caught up in certain moments) but all the important things are described pretty well now.
That, and if I were too write everything and in such detail, it would take me too long and this would become immensely large in size, so I'm just going to cut it off here. :P


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