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Wednesday, February 14 2007, 12:51PM

Gwen and Status Update.

The lack of weblog posts since my last are not without reason; it has everything to do with Gwen and me.
As much as I hate writing about it (and I will refrain from going into much detail); it's all over between me and her.

I guess I'm glad she ended what we had: despite what we went through in the end, I couldn't do it myself; I wanted it too badly (even through misery).

I fucking loved her with all my heart and soul and she threw it down the drain without doing so much as to try and stop it (we both tried to make it work but besides talking there was little effort made from her part).
Never will I forget the immense hapiness I enjoyed with her and I will remember my first kiss with her until the day I die.
I'm just sad it had to end like this and so soon..

Anyway, as for other stuff I did, I went Go-Karting with Michel and Mick (we only later found out it was Mick's birthday :P).
I also went to a concert by Spinvis which was really cool.

Other than that I'm really busy with my internship and school and getting accepted on the next school I want to go to.


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