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Thursday, February 15 2007, 10:23AM

Spock's Beard!

The band Spock's Beard is coming to The Netherlands again!
They will be performing on the 25th of May in the venue in which I attended my very first concert, namely: De Boerderij.

I've already bought tickets, together with Ed, and Ralf and Mick are also coming with us. :D
Maybe another classmate of mine will also come (with a friend of his), but that remains to be seen. :P

I really cannot wait to seeing them on-stage again!
Spock's Beard, their latest album, is really good (a step into the right direction after their last two not-all-too-great albums) and I hope they play at least All That's Left. :P
Other than that, I'm hoping for lots of snowy goodness (get it?  Snowy?  Snow? :D). :D


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