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Saturday, April 7 2007, 06:37AM

Continuation of previous entry.

A bit more time passed by than I thought there would, heh.
I hate it when I can't get around to doing what I want to do.

A few new "features" to this weblog (as you may or may not have noticed); "support" for Internet Explorer (omgwtfLAWLgetoutahurr!?!?) a shiney logo and an OpenSearch function.

The logo had been created by me about two years ago and I've since added it (in ASCII-form) in the source of my weblog never having brought up the topic or anouncing it.
I wanted to do something with it but time passed and it kinda got pushed back and left behind.
Now I thought it'd be nice to actually implement it visibly into my weblog hence the header and the favicon (the logo in the location bar of your browser). :)
(Thanks to Michel for creating the logo on my specifications. :D)

As a more technical feature, just when you thought the Search function itself wasn't available fast enough; I've added an OpenSearch function to my weblog!
You can now (in Firefox 2) select the search bar (click the icon of the selected search engine) and choose Add "Agilo's Weblog" to add my weblog and search on-the-fly using this feature in Firefox! :D
For the reasons as to why only Firefox: take a look at the source of the opensearch feature and read my comments (this is the first time I actually dislike Firefox as it actually breaks a standard that's perfectly fine in itself!).

Then for some other shorts:

  • I saw the movie 300 when it hit the theaters (March 22nd) and I thought it was really awesome!
  • I may get kicked out of school due to poor results (not related to my internship — I don't want to go into this further; I know what I'm doing and where I'm going and trust me, I won't be an all-bad thing if it does happen).
  • I got a 100 Watts guitar amplifier which is really awesome and I'm saving up for a guitar to go with it.  I've gone to many music stores across the country so far and the guitar best suited according to my specifications/demands is the ESP LTD M200 FM (in red :P). :D
  • I went snowboarding again with the same anonymous person I went snowboarding with in the past (it was very cool, been a while since I last went snowboarding :P). :)

I guess that's about it. :P
More on the guitar as I get nearer to buying it (won't be for another two months) and more on my education when I feel like writing about it (it will keep me very busy the next couple of months due to getting into the school, so writing weblog entries will be affected by it!).

As for other things to come (some small hints): Spock's Beard concert (!!!!!), Dream Theater concert (maybe; if I can fork over the 120 bucks), new Symphony X and Dream Theater CD's and.. well, more on the rest when it happens. :D


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