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Friday, January 23 2004, 07:19PM

Busy day.

I had a busy day today.

I had to get my mom to fill in some paper, otherwise I'd be kicked off of school.
So, I had to go home (45 minute trip), let mey mom sign it, go back to school (another 45 minutes), then go to get two UTP cables for the upcoming LAN party, and I went to check up on things in the public library.
The security on those computers suck by the way, I found a way through every security they built in (disabled viewing/running/opening/getting local files, internet, network..). :)
Library's always fun for that stuff, especially now they've all got NT on it. :D

Anyway, I got these two books;
C Leerboek (Kenneth A. Barclay), a book on C (I'm still a beginner, although I have made some little programs).
AtotZ UNIX/LINUX (Dyson, Peter), a book on (obviously) UNIX and Linux.

Not that I really need those, but they might be handy when I'm bored or something (maybe something to show off to my teachers at school or something, who knows).

I also found kind of a rare Mortal Kombat CD.
It's the Original Motion Picture Score (not to confuse this with the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), by George S. Clinton.
It has the original music from the first MK movie, not the later finished songs, but the actual ones used in the movie itself.
It's really awesome to hear.


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