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Friday, May 11 2007, 10:13AM

New albums!!

I just downloaded the new recently leaked albums by Dream Theater; Systematic Chaos, and by Symphony X; Paradise Lost. :D

I listened through the album by Dream Theater; Systematic Chaos, and thought the album was really awesome!
It's heavier then I'm used to from Dream Theater but some tracks really grasped me.

After the album finished I noticed that the new album by Symphony X had also been leaked! :o
I immediately downloaded it and listened through it when it finished (still listening as I'm writing this — I'm at the 8th song now called Seven).
The moment I started playing this album I was shocked to hell and back again.. this album is SO FUCKING GOOD. :o:o:o
The first 3 minutes into the album (at the start of track 2) I already realized this is way better than the new Dream Theater album (no disrespect intended, the new DT CD rules but this just so much better!)!

I'm going to be playing these albums long after I'm done writing this entry, I just wanted to make a weblog entry about it. :)

Oh, and I'm also going to see Dream Theater AND Symphony X (together in one concert!) on their promotional tours in Antwerp on 4 October (going to buy tickets tomorrow)! :D
And also; Spock's Beard's concert is just two weeks ahead!!! :D

In totally unrelated news: next week I'll have my final exams. :)
I also ordered my new guitar which I'll own within two months.
I decided on the before mentioned ESP LTD M-200FM. :D
More about it when I get it. :)

That's it for now!


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