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Monday, May 28 2007, 09:11AM

Spock's Beard concert!

Last friday I attended a long-awaited concert by Spock's Beard! :D

I bought tickets to see them when I first heard about their tour (back in January) and waited very anxiously for friday to come 'round.
When I read they were also going to be shooting for a DVD I knew this concert was going to be absolutely awesome.
I went there together with Ed, Lenna, Michel and Ralph and what a concert it was!!

When we arrived there there were some initial problems: when we parked the car it landed in kind of a ditch and we had to be towed out (at the time of this happening we were unsure if we'd even get to attend the concert) luckily things turned out okay in time as we managed to get towed out by a friendly bystanderd (who had a car and the tools requires to pull us out).
After that ordeal we entered the venue just after the opening act by Steve Thorne had started and after buying three Spock's Beard T-Shirts, we went into the room and we slowly drove our way forward through the crowd and eventually had reasonably good positions in the crowd; we stood in the center behind just 4/5 rows of people. :D

I have to say, Steve Thorne really sucked, I really didn't like the music he was playing (except for one song called "The Last Line" which was kind of okay but still very lacking..).
After he got of the stage (he played for thirty minutes or so) Spock's Beard finally got on the stage and I (together with the crowd) yelled my heart out to greet them.

What an incredible concert this has been, with loads and loads of highlights which will all be on the DVD (hopefully also including a small hilarious dialogue I had with the keyboardist Ryo which killed the crowd and myself laughing: the bandmembers were asking eachother how they were doing, and I yelled "Ogenki desu ka?!" — meaning "How are you?!" in Japanese — at Ryo and was promptly answered with "Fuck you!" :D). :D

They played the roof of in their 3 hours worth of music ranging for lots of albums (including Alan's 4 O'clock And Hysteria)!
Too bad nothing from Snow was played but Thoughts Part 2 more than made up for that. :D

Anyway, in all it was one of the best concerts I attended so far and I'm looking forward to seeing myself on the DVD (and re-watching the concert over and over and ov- you get the point :D). :D


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