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Monday, December 31 2007, 05:00AM

Happy New Year!

Another year has come to an end and so, like previous years, it's time for a reflection on past events.
This year has offered a lot of big changes in my life and because of that I didn't get around much to writing weblog entries but despite that, I'm going to list a couple of items here.

2007 has been the year of…

  • Gwen, my first girlfriend with whom I've had my first kiss. :)
  • Hogeschool, for I passed my admission exam (with a lot of strain and effort as far as maths is concerned) and have given it my all ever since (and luckily that also shows in my scores so far). :D
  • Liones, where I've started working since the beginning of the summer; a job which suits me perfectly at a company which is absolutely awesome!  (Thanks again for introducing me, Michel! :D)
  • New Guitar, for I've bought the best guitar I've ever played so far (beating even guitars that are thrice the cost): the ESP LTD M-200FM!
  • Concerts, for having seen Dream Theater and Symphony X have blown me away by miles, Spock's Beard on which DVD I'll (hopefully :P) be seen and Beardfish, a fantastic band who I've come to know by attending this year's Symforce festival.
  • Portable Development, because I've started doing a lot of programming on not just the Nintendo DS, but soon also... (stay tuned :D)
  • Maturity, for I've turned 21 years of age and am now officially an adult. :)

That's it so far, I think.. if I've forgotten anything I'm allowing myself to edit the list at least until there's a next weblog entry. :P

Anyway, happy new year to everyone and all the best wishes for coming 2008. :D


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