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Tuesday, March 11 2008, 12:15PM

Transition of education

About a month ago I changed my education from Computer Science to Computer Engineering (Technische Informatica).
Reason for this is that this type of education is more technically challenging; not just saying "visit this site, download this, copy/paste that there and you have a program" but now more like "the first x bytes are used as a file identifier, then follows xx bytes for ..." (etc.), meaning: deeper into the technical side of things, which I love more than just creating generic applications.
This will also give me deeper focus on the thing which I've come to love the past few years: embedded devices (such as, for instance, the Nintendo DS or more recently the Pokemon Mini).

In all, I'm happy with the change, even though it means I need to seriously brush up on my maths skills (which is close to none right now since I previously didn't have anything related to maths). :P
Anyway, I'm guessing with enough work it will turn out fine. :)


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