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Monday, January 26 2004, 10:52PM

Webserver on TOMSRTBT.

I've set up a httpd (asmutils) webserver on my old PentiumMMX through TOMSRTBT.
TOMSRTBT is Linux on 1 floppy disk, it loads itself into the memory of a PC.
It's Minix under the shell.

Anyway, check it out here (when it's up — since it's not dedicated):

And, since TOMSRTBT is resetted after each boot, I've created a small setup shell script to get it going, nothing big, at all, but it works:

cd /tmp/;
sleep 1;
echo "Fetching the index.html file..";
sleep 1;
echo "Setting up the server..";
httpd /tmp/ 80;


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