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Saturday, September 5 2009, 02:01PM

Pokemon Mini Backlight!!!

Ever since I saw a Pokemon Mini with a backlight I've really wanted it on mine as well.
Lupin^ posted the steps to build it yourself on the forum of the Pokeme website but there was a problem with it: the required parts can no longer be found anywhere (most notably the tiny inverter).

I though I was never going to see mine with a backlight until I asked Lupin^ directly if he happened to still have any parts left to build one, to which he replied that he did have one complete set left!
After hearing that, I asked him if he could build it into my Pokemon Mini if I sent it to him and, well, long story short: he did!

A picture of my new backlit Pokemon Mini
A picture of my new backlit Pokemon Mini (next to a normal one for comparison)!

I got it back yesterday after spending some time traveling up and down from The Netherlands to Germany and back but it was well worth the wait!
Not only did he build in the backlight into the unit at super speed, but he also cleaned the encasing/buttons and replaced the screen cover (because it had some scratches on it)!

Thanks a lot, Lupin^!


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