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Friday, March 19 2010, 10:57AM

Not dead yet!

The past few months I've been very busy with various things and have neglected my weblog as a result, so I thought I'd make a short entry about passed events.

  • I went snowboarding in Austria twice this season: once in December (spent 2 weeks there with Mick) and once in February (spent a week there with Mick and my younger brother — his first wintersports vacation!).  This season's been a lot of fun paired with a lot of progression for me!: I rode the first two kickers of the pro line in the Vans Penken Park (the two kickers were, respectively: 15 meters/50 feet and 17 meters/56 feet), learned a couple of new tricks and recently learned to do backflips and Backside Rodeo's (landing on an airbag since this was in-doors — when the larger kicker is built I plan on doing them on there as well).
    There's actually a funny story here as well: when I was learning to do Rodeo's in Snow World there was a technician working who I didn't really notice, until he came up to me and explained that they were installing a new video system which is going to offered by Snow World to the masses.  He explained to me how the system works and gave me a pass to test the system for them (I am the first rider to ever test this system!).  The way it works is: you swipe a pass over a sensor which will make the system start recording at various points along the in-door piste (with the airbag directly under the last camera at the bottom).  The video's look really good (but I can't publish the videos yet — I'm not really happy with the recorded runs I made anyway :P).  In future, people will be able to buy these passes as day passes, however, I'm able to use the pass they gave me indefinitely! :D  Only thing is; the airbag has been torn down and there really isn't anything to do at Snow World at the moment.. :(
    Anyway, I plan to spend the summer well this year, riding in-doors a lot with my wing-man Mick and my younger brother. :D
  • I just bought a new snowboard: the K2 Parkstar (2010 model, size: 152)! :D:D
  • I started taking classes at the university as part of my education at the Hogeschool but the tests were really hard for me (only managing to pass 1 of the 8 tests I had to take!).  Since I've spent a full semester there, I've taken most all the classes I needed to take so instead of waiting for the new tests to become available I decided to go back to the Hogeschool and start taking the classes there again (so that I don't fall back on the required classes there).  this is all hard to explain, so I'm leaving it at this description of the situation for now (I haven't given up yet!  however, it's beginning to look like university might be a bit too much to take for me..).
  • Pepijn (classmate at the uni) gave me his soldering iron so that I was able to gain some experience.  I picked up on doing through-hole soldering really quickly and have since soldered on the GPIO ports for the DSerial Edge I've had lying around here.  I've also figured out how a specific seven-segment display I had lying around worked (it's mounted on a weird bridge of some kind to be used as a module) by way of testing for connections (using a multimeter).  After doing that, I took a shitload of wires from several computer components and hooked it up to the DSerial Edge to be able to use it.  I've uploaded a video of the finished project to YouTube. :)  I'm happy with the end result; it's the first thing I've used the DSerial Edge for ever since I bought it. :P  Thanks again for the help, Pepijn!

That's it for now: I can't really think about anything other than snowboarding. :x


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