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Monday, December 20 2010, 12:23PM

Lots of snow fall, lots of fun!

Over the weekend there has been a lot of snow fall in The Netherlands leading to lots of aggravation to this country's inhabitants, unsettled by the presence of snow.
However, to a snowboarder like myself, this has only resulted in feeding my desire to shred!

With my default snowboard wing man Mick doing time in the outskirts of Suriname (where he's doing his internship :P) this left me with only Ed to appeal to.
Luckily, Ed found way into his busy schedule to join me!

As a result of last year's similar heavy snow fall, during the course of this entire year I've been scoping locations to go to when such heavy snow fall would once again present itself.
I found one spot in particular which looked absolutely perfect, the only problem was: I've only seen it from inside the train on my way to university or work, so I didn't know if it would be as perfect up close as it looked.
Thankfully, Ed was able to drive us there to have a closer look.

Picture of the rail I've been scoping
The rail I've been scoping for a year now.
Alternate view of the rail
Alternate view of the rail.

We decided it was worth giving it a go, me being as eager as anyone to try anything (and taking on the associated risks :P), so we built a kicker covering the first few steps to be able to jump onto the rail.

The kicker we built for the rail (bottom view)
The kicker we built for the rail (bottom view).
The kicker we built for the rail (top view)
The kicker we built for the rail (top view).
The kicker we built for the rail (run-in view)
The kicker we built for the rail (top run-in view).

The kicker took an hour to build and shape and ended up nicely, it was certainly a good experience (scoping/building wise — this is the first time either of us had ever done this).
There was only one problem though: my experience with rails, or rather the lack thereof.
I ended up bailing on almost every try.. oh well. :P

After that rail we decided to drive around Rotterdam some more to find other things to do, and boy did we ever!

We noticed the Erasmusbrug (most famous bridge in Rotterdam) was covered in snow and we were thinking of how cool it would be (novelty-wise included) to try and ride down on its sidewalk.
Ed parked the car near the bridge, we walked up, strapped on, and rode it down! :D

Me strapped into my snowboard on the Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam
Snowboarding on the Erasmusbrug in downtown Rotterdam? Hell yeah!

On the way down we noticed there was a small restaurant with a slanted roof so we climbed up on its roof and rode down, jumping off it, which was kind of fun as well. :P

Then, on our way back home, we stopped at an abandoned business park to attempt the cour de gras of great ideas: Ed brought along several ropes which he tied together and attached to the car, I then strapped into my board and Ed started driving while I hung on! :D
This is an absolute awesome thing to do if you don't mind the associated risks! :D:D
An added bonus was that one building was actually not abandoned (on a Monday morning at 2:30 AM.. go figure). :o
A couple of employees took notice of us as we were setting up and kind of stood there in disbelief as Ed started to accelerate whilst I was hanging on riding my board.
We saw them laughing and talking about us after we drove by the building again (we did 3 or 4 laps around the block). :D

Ah.. I love snow. :)


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