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Friday, December 31 2010, 12:54PM

Happy New Year!

This year has been a very busy one for me, however I seem to have made it until the end!

2010 has been the year of…

  • …some serious snowboarding progression, starting from the backflip/frontflip, learning the backside and frontside Rodeo (after seeing Marko Grilc perform them on the Winter X-Games Europe) and some other tricks that I've not landed yet (to be continued!).
  • …buying the most perfect snowboard that suits me perfectly: the K2 Parkstar (2010/2011 model after having sent the 2009/2010 model back under warranty because of construction errors).
  • …ending the university bridging program unsuccessfully, only managing to pass two (out of six) courses I attended (namely: Embedded Systems and Calculus 1), yet still having learned a lot.

That's all I could think of at the time of writing.  I've really been swamped with my education this year to do anything.

Thanks to everyone that's been awesome this year: happy new year and best wishes for 2011!


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