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Saturday, February 12 2011, 04:25PM

Quit my job, started graduation period

Just wanted to write a quick entry to state I've quit my job at Liones.
It's been a lot of fun working there over the past three and a half years and I've gained a lot of experience in the process.
However, the time has come for me to start my graduation period and I won't have any free time left to work there.

I want to thank everyone at Liones (even colleagues I've worked with that have left the company) for their support, advice and kindness over the years.

As for my graduation project, I'm working for dr. ir. Stephan Wong under supervision by Fakhar Anjam (PhD student) from the TU Delft on a VLIW microprocessor (built by a MSc student) named ρ-VEX (see also: ρ-VEX project at Google Code).
More specifically, I'll be working on laying the foundation to a more dynamic approach to custom instructions (currently, architecture for custom instructions is already implemented, but requires too much manual work).


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