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Sunday, January 11 2004, 11:08PM

Last Exile.

Last night (today — early morning), I watched 7 episodes (2 to 8) of Last Exile.
An anime I was very sketchy about at first after watching episode 1 (some time ago).
Now I watched Episode 2 which was a whole lot better.
In fact, it attracted me so much, I just HAD to see episode 3.
After seeing 3, I had to see 4, all the way to 8 (I only have 8 episodes at the moment).
Each episode lasts about 22 minutes, and I started watching at 2:30 AM.
Counting that out, I watched them for 154 minutes which comes down to 2 hours 34 minutes.
So, I went to bed, real late/early.
I got up today at 4:30PM. :S

Oh well.
The anime kicks ass.
I'm looking forward to getting more episodes at the upcoming LAN Party.

Also, I hate my homework — Nothing new, heh.
Goddamn A-Plus (program we use at school) is driving me crazy.
I ripped the program from the PC's at school so I could do work at home.
And I got a few answers to some modules from a class-mate.
In all, it helped, but it still took me a long-ass while to finish it.
Oh well, better late than never, I guess.


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