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Sunday, February 15 2004, 05:20PM

Scary movie 3.

I saw Scary Movie 3 today, hilarious movie. :D
Too bad it's a screener, but oh well, at least I've seen it. :)

Earlier today, I was trying to rip DVD's, and trying to convert from *.VOB to *.AVI, but no success. :(
I must have at least compiled a few dozen programs trying to get a functional, working and good program, but alas; to no avail.
I need to get into the whole DVD ripping scene now that I've got my DVD+-RW. :)

Also an interesting thing.
I came across a twelve-year-old boy (online, obviously) whose spelling and punctuation was near perfect.
I'm mentioning this because this is an extremely rare event, I wish more kids would follow his example and stop "L0L wr1tien liek th1s l0l!!!".


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