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Wednesday, March 3 2004, 02:30PM

Busy like hell.

I've been REALLY busy with school-work and Mortal Kombat news, I still have yet to update my site.

Anyway, my paycheck finally came in, but since I've been away to Austria for a week, it isn't all I hoped it to be, heh.

Also, today, I had a conversation with a teacher at school - UNIX related, mostly, - he recommended Solaris to me, as well as BeOS.
Reason for the recommendations was that another teacher I used to have told me UNIX wasn't free, at all.
He told me UNIX is written for specific hardware and machines, so that it cannot "just" be downloaded and installed on a x86.
It seems he wasn't completely right about that.
I'm glad I got to know about this, I'm downloading Solaris 9 as I'm writing this.
I'm really anxious to try it out. :)
I think I'll install it somewhere around the weekend.


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