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Monday, March 22 2004, 03:27PM

Been a while.

Been a while since an addition.
I seen The Italian Job (2003) yesterday morning (4AM).
Cool movie, but I like the original one better. :)
What I also came to notice (note that this was at 4AM. :P), is that when The Napster "hacks" the traffic control station, and you pause the frame, you can read the IP of it.
The IP being
Well, when I ran a little nmap trace on it (I actually paused the movie to do this. :o), it looked really interesting.
Take a look at the result:


Looks a lot like a UNIX machine.
I didn't go much further than that though, I continued to watch the movie (after saving this IP), heh. :)

Anyway, ShingoEX was kind enough as to send me another movie (a Chineese movie this time).
The movie is called Returner, and it's an okay action movie.
I really liked the device to slow time down for 20 secs.


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