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Friday, March 26 2004, 05:38PM

Spare parts. short-circuit!

I got some hardware off of a few old PC's at school.
A few old Pentium CPU's, and some fans (small and larger one).
I wanted to attach the fans to my PC for better cooling.
I got the small one working, and put it on (reversed — pointing to) a chip on my motherboard.
It worked, and it's cooling quite nicely (had to be creative with it, because a. it wasn't meant to be reversed, so b. it didn't have any initial method of placing it on the chip).
Anyway, on to the big fan, a normal fan for any system.
It has a plug which attaches to my motherboard, though my motherboard didn't have that certain plug.
So I cut the wire, and attached the two wires (black/red & black - 12V - cables) to a similar power-plug, which forks from a molex plug (which I had to cut too, because it originally had another small fan to cool an old CPU).
I attached the wires with tape (I didn't have anything else) and everything worked perfectly.
This was all done yesterday.

So, today, when I got home from school, my fan had stopped, so I assumed the wires were disattached (still inside the tape).
Well, I was too lazy to power down, and I wanted to attach the cables with a connector this time.
So, I grabbed the two cables, and one of those accidentally slipped from my fingers, and hit the other one, causing a short-circuit. :o

So I sat there.
Holding the the cable, dazing at the power supply.
Hoping nothing fatel had happened to any other parts.
I hit the on/off switch, checked the power-button on the back of the power supply, set it on, off, and checked a few things.
After a while, I let the whole thing rest and grabbed a snack and a drink, thinking what I'd do now.

10 minutes later (snacks were good) I went back to my PC.
I checked the on/off button on my power supply, and turned it on.
After that, I tried one last time to turn on my PC.
And, amazingly, it turned on, like nothing ever happened! :o

Right after that, I turned my machine down, connected the wires with the connector and turned my PC on to write it in my weblog. :)


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