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Saturday, April 10 2004, 01:25AM

Last Exile original soundtracks!

I finally have the long-awaited Last Exile OST's!
I got them off IRC, and they're great! :D
When I had seen the entire series, I wanted the soundtrack so much, but it was at that point still unreleased. :(
So what I did, to get at least a few tracks, was rip them myself, and check the internet for some sites.
Other than that, I also checked on P2P protocols (Gnutella, Kazaa, SoulSeek and a few others), and IRC.
I came up with 4 individual songs. :(
With those, and my own ripped intro/ending, I could at least listen to a few tracks.

Then as time went by, I kinda forgot about the Last Exile soundtrack, and was satisfied with my measly 6 songs.

Yet a few hours ago, I read in some other weblog (I don't remember which) he had downloaded the OST's himself.
Which got me thinking I also still needed to download them!
So what I did was immidiately check links through google, which led me to #anime-ost on Irc.Rizon.Net:6667.
A quick search led me to a guy who shared both OST's, and I downloaded those within a few hours. :D

I'm listening to the OST right now, and am already having nostalgic memories of the series.
Maybe I should watch them again. :)


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