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Tuesday, April 13 2004, 11:27PM

Little bro.. and Linux?

That's right.
My little brother also runs Linux now.
He wanted to give it a go, and is now an annoyed but content Mandrake user. :)

I decided to put Mandrake on his PC so I could get the experience of setting it up (bwah), and to see if it was anything compared to Red Hat (bwah).
Well, the setup went fine, it runs and all.
The sound driver fails to install, and it takes ages to compile new applications on his Pentium2.
But other than that, I guess it's an OK OS.
If it beats Red Hat?
Well.. yes and no on more than a few things.
In overall, I'd say Red Hat is a better OS than Mandrake in terms of things working properly, but Mandrake is easier to install and begin with.

Anyway, if he doens't like Mandrake, I guess we can always replace it for Red Hat (or Fedora, nowadays).

Note to little bro: Stick to Linux and learn! :)


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