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Sunday, June 13 2004, 07:04PM

I'm still alive!

This week, I've been watching movies I downloaded at Netgamez (whenever I had the time) instead of doing other things (like updating my weblog). :)
I've watched a few movies, a lot are still waiting to be seen.
There's just so much to choose from, now. :D

Anyway, yesterday I had a bit of spare time to do other things, so I decided to work on my PHP skills and find out what the hell '$one->$two' and '&$blah' do.
I've seen those two things being done in PHP and other languages (C/C++) before, but never really knew what they did.
Now I do know, finally.
Took me a while to find them though, as I didn't know where to look on PHP.net.

I've also hacked the PHP sourcecode to change the parsing of PHPS (PHP Sourcecodes) files, a bit.
I added a prefixed white-space, and made the font smaller (for now).
I'm going to make it XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, soon.

Oh, and, I started a photo page for GuiltyByDeign (Ashley). <3 :o


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