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Thursday, June 17 2004, 11:10AM

Solaris installed!

Well, to say the least, I've installed Solaris.
Needless to say, it brought with it a lot of problems.
For one, I'm stuck on a 640x480 resolution with a color depth of 4 (yes, four) colors, a mouse which doesn't scroll (even with a driver), and sound which doesn't function.
On top of that, it used not a partition of my harddisk, but the entire 120 GB harddisk. :(
I feel like being back on Red Hat (when I just started using Linux).

Oh well, I concider myself a smart guy, I'll figure things out as time progresses. :)

By the way, I can be found on IRC (irc.webmaster.com) in my default rooms; #mortalkombat, #scorpionsrealm and #gentoo.
Don't ask me to check out some nice looking site or anything though.
I'm on IRC through my PentiumMMX, without a GUI.


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