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Saturday, June 19 2004, 11:17PM

Solaris hits the weblog, again.

I've managed to set my resolution at 1280x1024 now.
But just before I gave it a shot, I took a screenshot of my desktop at a resolution of 800x600.
The color depth hasn't changed though.
The next depth I can choose from after 256 is 16 million colors, and apparently Solaris can't manage that without an actual driver.

Anyway, I still have a whole lot of things to do.

For one, what I'm already working on: when I initially installed Solaris by its default installation set-up, I saw (after running a quick nmap scan) that there were over 32 ports opened.
Not very safe.
I've managed to pull that down to 5 ports (SSH, Apache, Solaris Management Console, and two RPC ports).
Also, when I changed something to my Xconfig, it won't let me log in normally to CDE (Common Desktop Environment) anymore.
It's really weird, but I'll be able to fix it, tomorrow. :P

For now.. wasn't there some movie I had to watch on TV?


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