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Your skills are satisfactory for the Meiji era, but had you been in Kyoto near the end of the Edo dynasty, your skills would have gotten you killed.Saito Hajime
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Wednesday, January 14 2004, 05:04PM

Random quotes.

I added a random quote thing on top of this page.
I thought it'd be nice, heh.
Check out the generator script on the sources page, if you like it.

Also, I managed to download the final episodes 16 to 26 of Last Exile.
I'm going to watch a few (again) tonight. :)

I also finally completed downloading episodes 6 to 10 of Samurai Deeper Kyo.
It took me 3 whole damn weeks to get it through BitTorrent. :
Now I just have to download 11 to 26. :S
Oh well, they'll finish eventually.
Otherwise I'll find them for sure at the upcoming LAN Party. :)


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