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Sunday, July 11 2004, 06:57PM

Re-installed Solaris 9.

I re-installed Solaris 9 yesterday-evening/this-morning.
This time, with the partition layout the way I wanted it (Solaris Boot, Solaris, EXT3 and a FAT32 partition), and with the programs I select.
There are still a few dozen ports opened on install though, even though I took out the main few annoyances (like Apache, and Sun Management Console Server — I know, I know, the managent console server should be installed, but I only used it for installing patches, which I can now do via console anyway).

Anywho, it all runs correctly now, and I'm currently using CDE as my default window manager.
At a later stage I might install Enlightenment again, but at the moment, CDE works nicely for me.
I like CDE's window decoration, I even put its decoration as default in KDE on Linux (even though I don't use KDE, at all), heh. :P

Oh well, still a lot of software to install and configure.
I'm glad I got the scroll wheel driver to work this time. :)


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