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Wednesday, July 14 2004, 06:22PM

PHP 5!

Well, I downloaded PHP 5 today.
I was very bothered by the fact that I had done a perfectly good hack on PHP 4's PHPS handling, and wasn't sure if I was able to port that to PHP 5.
But, thankfully, it turns out that Zend didn't change much (if anything at all) to Zend/zend_highlight.c.
I came to that conclusing by creating the appropriate patch for PHP 5, and checking it:
$ diff -u Zend/zend_highlight.c ../php-4.3.4/Zend/zend_highlight.c > patch.diff
$ vi patch.diff

Coming to that conclusing, I then patched the file for PHP 5:
$ patch -u < patch.diff -p0

I was still a bit sketchy if it would compile and install correctly, but everything turned out well.
And, PHP 5 is now running perfect along Apache 2. :)

- files/patch.diff
- files/config.nice


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