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Thursday, July 22 2004, 09:16AM

New PHP project, finished.

I forgot to update my weblog with the news I started a project for ]{0MBAT (a guy I know from IRC and the Mortal Kombat world).

I was sick of not doing anything for the entire week, so I asked him if he had anything he wanted for his website.
I've created a few PHP scripts for him in the past (random avatar, random affiliation banner, news section).
He informed me he wanted an easy manageable Winamp Skins section which he could use.

I since finished the project, and is located here: — Main page. — Main page limited to 25 skins. — Main page, showing skins 25 to 60. — Adding a new skin. — Sourcecode file. — Database file.

It took me a total of around 12 hours to complete this.
That's not very fast you may think, but bare in mind that I had to manually grab the necessary info and put it in a single database file.
Thank goodness for all the beautiful Linux tools (mainly; VIM, SED and GAWK). :D

Also, I've uploaded the files to this host for refference (or in case people are interrested):


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