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Friday, July 23 2004, 02:40PM


Well, I'm going on vacation for three weeks, to Sicily.
More specificly: I'll be in Messina for the first week (going to a wedding of my niece), and the remaining two weeks I'll be in Catania (Giarre) visiting my dad (who lives there).

We're (me, mom, little brother) will go by train (30 hour trip, and we'll stay an additional 10 hours in Rome), and my big brother and his fiancee will go by airplane.

"Why by train?", you may ask?
Two reasons we're going by train: my mom's affraid of flying and there are loads of things to see.
So, yeah, it's going to be awesome and hotter than hell.
Luckily there are all the beaches you can go to, to cool down. :)

So, if you wonder where I am, now you know.

P.s.: I'm gonna miss having no internet/computer there, but that's alright because there are so many other things to do there. :D


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